CPAP machine is a device that generates airflow. The airflow is delivered to the patient’s pharyngeal airway by way of a CPAP mask. The airflow generated creates a positive pressure which prevents the airway from collapsing whilst the patient is asleep. For a patient to feel the benefit of CPAP therapy, it must be used all night and every night.

There are 2 types of CPAP machine available. A fixed pressure machine delivers a set pressure throughout the night. A titration study needs to be conducted to determine the appropriate pressure for the patient, and further ones conducted if the pressure needs to be changed. An auto pressure machine will continually adjust the pressure up and down throughout the night in response to the condition of the patient’s airway. The auto machine negates the need for titration studies and has been shown to improve comfort and compliance. As Baywater Healthcare is a service provider, we are not tied to any one manufacturer and can provide a range of devices.

Humidification units can also be added to the Buy CPAP machines for upper airway symptoms such as nasal dryness.

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