5 Tips for Screen Printing on T-shirts

Screen printing guarantees high quality and durability, which is why it is ideal for screen printing on t-shirts, T-shirts and other everyday clothing . In addition, it is fast and economical, very useful for printing all types of designs and achieving attractive, exclusive and low-priced clothing screen printing portland.

Tips for screen printing on t-shirts

  1. Plan the design and process
    Screen printing on t-shirts requires technique and experience. Therefore, you should always plan the entire process before starting, from the initial design, to the number of frames you will need, to the space you will need to have available based on the number of garments to be printed.
  2. Adjust inks based on budget
    If you are going to print colorful and attractive t-shirts , you should keep in mind that the more inks you use, the more expensive they will be. Although you can print up to 8 colors per garment, you will need a photolith and screen for each color, which will increase work time and costs.
  3. Use patterns to achieve more colors
    If the design you are going to print is not very complex, you can use patterns to use the same ink and achieve two colors. For example, with red ink you will achieve red and pink, with blue ink you will achieve blue and light blue, and so on. This will lower costs and you will get a more colorful screen print.
  4. Take care of the quality of the original
    The quality of the file containing the design must be of high quality, as this will influence the final result. Designs in vector format are ideal and can also be Jpg, Psd or Tiff at 300dpi.
  5. Don’t forget the quality of the textile and the inks
    If you want your screen printing on t-shirts to be durable, use good quality garments and give customers some recommendations, such as washing the garment inside out, do not use hot water or iron. In this way, the print will be practically eternal, although this will also depend on the inks you use.

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